Alienware – Top Gaming Laptops

Alienware – Top Gaming Laptops

Alienware is probably the best manufacturer focused on producing top of the line gaming computers. Their gaming laptop line is second to none, and this is because they pay special attention to the gamers’ needs and make their laptops stand out by simply being the best at what they do.

Aside from their alien head logo, Alienware laptops distinguish themselves from the masses with special lighting effects, their illuminated keyboards which make nighttime gaming sessions a reality for any gamer. This is one of their own key signatures and it works very well since the laptops look stunning during the night.

Also, their sleek design might send you thinking you’re actually owning a jet fighter rather than an actual portable computer.

Even though Alienware gaming laptop can get a bit pricey, the cost is not an issue when looking at the installed hardware on each of their models.

Alienware Laptops General Specs

Performance is in high demand when it comes to modern games. Alienware incorporates some of the best processors found in today’s market to built highly reliable gaming machines. When a new processor line hits the market, you’re sure to find an Alienware laptop model which has one installed.

That being said, rest assured knowing that each model is packed with a very powerful processor either from Intel or ATI, depending on the configuration.

RAM is what it’s all about when multitasking comes to mind. These laptops carry enough RAM to run anything, and then some. On an average, an Alienware gaming laptop will have about 6GB of system memory, but will support much more if you ever intend to upgrade such a beast.

Since most state of the art applications state that they only need about 2-3GB RAM to run properly, one can see that with such a high amount of memory multitasking become quite easy to achieve.

The dedicated graphics cards installed on Alienware laptops are the best at what they do, and some models even incorporate more than one card for true gaming immersion. Since not all of us game on a regular basis, this feature could also be great if you’re into graphic design, since these applications require both a high amount is system memory and a powerful GPU as well.

Another great thing about these laptops is their unusually big screen sizes and resolutions. Alienware knows that visual quality is important to any gamer, so their laptops are highly capable of true high definition representation.