A Desktop Vs A Gaming Laptop

A Desktop Vs A Gaming Laptop

Playing video games on a computer has been very popular for over ten years now. At one time the only way you could play a video game was on a desktop, but that has all changed with the invention of the laptop computer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and here are some of them.

A desktop PC is, of course not very portable. Conversely, a laptop is. You can simply unplug it, place it a bag, and take it wherever you want to go. In addition, with desktop PC you would have to take its components like the mouse, keyboard, and monitor along. The laptop wins in the portability category.

The components in your gaming machine become obsolete rather rapidly because the technology of gaming becomes more advanced each year. Also, the newest games always need the fastest and best equipment. As a result, the machine will need to be upgraded rather often. This can’t be easily done with a lap top because it is so difficult to upgrade components like graphic cards and hard drives. However, it can very inexpensively be done on a desktop machine. The laptop loses in the upgradability category.

Size does matter in gaming machines. All of the components in a desktop are external and therefore large. On the other hand all of the components are built into a laptop so they are small. The laptop wins the size category.

Money one is the most important aspect when selecting a computer. A desktop is much less expensive than a laptop gaming computer. If you look at two identical machines, one being a desktop and one being a laptop, you will find that the desktop is roughly half the cost of a laptop gaming computer. These two machines both had a 512 GeForce video, 2 gigabyte of random access memory (RAM), and a 2.16 Giga Hertz processor. That is a lot of difference in cost for the laptop over the desktop. In addition sine you can’t upgrade a laptop, it wins the affordable category.

Regardless of which computer you choose, it is simply a matter of personal preference. You will just have to decide which factor, portability, upgradability, size, and price is more important to you. Before you buy anything you should do some research. Regardless of which you choose, you can still have fun playing your favorite games.