Your Guide To Festival Essentials

Your Guide To Festival Essentials

Music festivals are a fantastic way to enjoy live music. Whether you are going to see an old favorite or discover some new bands, being prepared is very important.

When attending a festival at a venue with general admission seating, the earlier you arrive at the venue the better seats you will get. With that in mind, you may also want to bring a book or something to help you pass the time while you wait in line. Arriving early can improve your chances of getting a great parking spot as well. Many events are located near public transportation. This may be a good option for festival goers. It relieves the frustration of locating parking and is good for the environment.

Festivals areas can become very crowded. You may wish to leave behind your usual purse and opt instead for a small wristlet or card holder that can be worn around your neck. In a hurry it can be easy to lose small items such as a cell phone and credit card, especially when carrying other baggage. Backpacks may be a good option, be sure to pack valuables on the inside so that they are not easily accessible by the people walking behind you.

When going to a music festival, one must be prepared for any type of weather. Rain, shine or cold most festivals will continue. During a rainy season one should also be equipped with an umbrella, jacket, and blanket and dress warmly. When festivals are held outdoors, rain can put a damper on your good time. Grass areas can quickly turn to mud, so bringing an extra pair of shoes or mud boots maybe a good idea. A check of the weather report will likely tell you how to dress appropriately for the day.

If sun is in the forecast you may wish to bring a sun umbrella to the festival. They help to block the sun and can be large enough to provide shade for your entire group. Verify with the festival rules that they are permitted before packing though. In nice weather, you may only need a blanket or chair to sit on. However, many times festivals run late into the evening when the temperature cools off significantly. Therefore you may wish to bring a sweater and a blanket that can be used for warmth. During summer months, sunscreen is a necessity. UV rays can be harmful even in overcast weather, especially if you are near water. Sunburns are not only dangerous to your health; they will also ruin your good time.

Many music festivals are family friendly and encourage children to attend. Kids may become bored, especially during intermissions and before the music starts. Bringing along favorite toys and books will help them to stay occupied.

If allowed a cooler of food would be helpful since food and beverage prices at festivals can be quite high. If outside food and beverages are not permitted, you may want to have cash available to purchase them. Many vendors do not accept debit/credit cards and though ATMs may be available they often charge extra fees.