The ASUS G535X-DH71, Built From Legend

The ASUS G535X-DH71, Built From Legend

ASUS’s name comes from the final syllable of the winged horse of Greek mythology, Pegasus. In the stories of old Pegasus would transport legendary warriors to their epic fates. Not to sound too over the top but ASUS has applied the history of their name to the new G535X-DH71. This computer provides any gamer the transportation essential for hours of determined game play.

Even non-gamers understand that the critical element in any computer is its graphics. To begin with, this computer includes LED lighting putting it on top of the technological industries move away from LCD displays. The unit’s high-resolution display includes a level 3D technology teetering over the edge of sanity. Honestly this level of computer screen technology will make pictures of your grandma’s ninth birthday party look crisp.

Behind its display is a 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM. This is the part I especially like about the computer. GDDR5 is the next generation of RAM architecture. To take a step back RAM stands for random access memory, which is a computer’s ability to pull information from its memory storage at any given moment. The DR of GDDR5 stands for data rate. The first ‘D’ of DDR stands for double. There is currently a lot of attention placed on the integration of the DDR3 system into mainstream computing systems. The GDDR5 isn’t waiting for everybody to catch up. Its one of the fastest RAM designs on the market, incorporating technologies that are on the brink of artificial intelligence. It still uses DDR3 for its overall processing but the fact is that ASUS is focusing its effort around something gamers value the most, graphics.

The Intel processor includes Turbo boost technology that bumps up its clock speed. This is the equivalent of putting a turbo charger on your car engine. The basic components are all the same but with the added equipment this makes everything run faster and cleaner. On top of this Intel includes its Hyper-Threading Technology. To break down what this is lets begin with defining a computer thread. A thread is a task executed by a computer processor. With the increasing performance of graphics cards, hard drives, memory, &c in computers, the computer chip developers of Intel have institute a system that increases their product’s performance. This cuts down on constriction of the data flow between one section of a computer to another.

On top of all this super sleek technology its weight is extremely light at 3.92lbs. Priced at around $1,400 this computer sells itself. The only gripe I have about this unit is its casing, ASUS hasn’t left the era of the dot com bubble with its laptops’ external design specs. With that being said this computer is a workhorse and was designed for gaming performance and not a fashion show.