Kiss Music and Merchandise

Kiss Music and Merchandise

Heralded as one of the finest and most outrageous heavy metal bands of all time, Kiss are an exceptional live act. The group showers the stage with pyrotechnics, thumps out big guitar riffs, and forever performs in their trademark makeup.

Kiss brought out its self-titled debut album in Feb 1974. Paul Stanley rapidly accepted the persona of lead performer on stage, whilst Gene Simmons became the driving force behind what became an voluminous Kiss marketing franchise. KISS toured unrelentingly; their live double record album KISS Alive (1975) gave them superstar status, and for the rest of the seventies they were among the top acts in the cosmos. In the ‘eighties they recorded periodically while Simmons, forever the active businessman, followed other adventures, acquiring a couple of motion picture roles and (incongruously) managing the career of Liza Minnelli .In between times the core of the group Simmons and Stanley have stuck around with Criss and Frehley coming and going.

The best album to seek out for the casual or new Kiss fan is probably the Very Best Of Kiss. With eighteen studio, three live, and four solo record albums to decide from, coming up with the conclusive “Very Best of KISS” is a sizable it is to be performed correctly. This 21-track collection just about takes the cake. You have got the 6 standard KISS classics (songs that have been included on three preceding greatest-hits bundles): “Deuce,” “Strutter,” “Detroit Rock City,” “Beth,” “Calling Dr. Love,” and the energetic live variation of “Rock and Roll All Nite.” So THE VERY BEST OF KISS is the 1st intelligent attack at a single disc career spanning compiling of KISS’ most favorite material (including studio and live cuts) and not containing any weird edits, remixes or re-recordings. OK, so we have got twenty-one cuts of blistering KISS activity.

Does it reach all the high notes? Everybody can plausibly concur that it doesn’t. Seriously, how could it? What’s on here that does not belong? What’s not on here that’s indispensable? Everybody will have their own solutions to those final 2 questions, but I believe the compilers did a reasonably adequate task of cramming one disc chockablock full of KISS classics.

KISS products are always available to devotees around the globe. And so understandably, the KISS empire and Gene Simmons are doing all right, thank you very much.