Why you need computer glasses

As with most people nowadays, you are probably also staring at your computer screen for more than a third of your day. As the world starts to digitize, almost every task is done in from in front of a screen. Be it by using a points of sales as a cashier, checking available seats as an airlines booking officer, drawing the blueprints of a grand bridge as an architect, writing an article, creating a website, and so much more. That’s not even including accessing mini-computers that we keep in our pockets – our phones. Unfortunately for us, this overexposure is taking a toll on our vision.

All this activity that we do, while staring at these screens, cause eye strains, blurry vision, irritated eyes, and others. These symptoms are compiled into a syndrome called CVS(Computer Vision Syndrome). Because of this, we need some sort of protection such as computer glasses.

As adults aged 40 and below, these symptoms are direct effects of the way we use computers. Computers nowadays, by design, are optimized for multitasking. You could be writing an article while researching and waiting to hear from your friends at a social media site. And this is not even mentioning the need to focus on the keyboard and other peripherals attached to the computer. This forces our eyes to overexert because our eyes tend to only focus at one thing at a time. The strain occurs when you are spreading your eye focus too thin. And this is one of the major causes of CVS.

At the very least, when you are feeling any form of discomfort in your eyes, you should have them checked immediately. If you wear glasses, you should also have your prescription updated regularly. Prescription glasses that do not match the wearer’s requirements can amplify the effects of CVS.

If your glasses do indeed need updating, you might want to consider upgrading your lenses if you have not done so already. Computer glasses are specialized glasses that are created specifically to reduce the effects of CVS. These glasses fit a need in today’s lifestyle and are recommended by most optometrists.

Computer glasses are different than the regular prescription glasses that we normally wear. In more than one way, computer glasses are meant to reduce harmful effects of computers to the vision. And they also add important features that enhance the visual experience of using computers.

When one uses a computer, it is said that the screen is located at an intermediate zone. This is about 2 feet away from the user. This is closer than a distance vision which exceeds 26 inches but farther than the near vision which is less than 20 inches.

At a younger age, people who seek the help of prescription glasses are often prescribed so called single vision lenses. This corrects one of the basic eye conditions like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Additionally, the glasses acquire a magnifying feature for visions that are either intermediate or near.

When farsightedness starts to affect at a later age, it can tremendously affect multiple facets that can interfere with using a computer device of something similar. The farsightedness can somewhat be relieved by using bifocals. But they only magnify at near distances which means they are not of any use when using a computer. Trifocals, can indeed be used at an intermediate distance, but you have to be at an exact distance to be able to see the monitor clearly.

When you use a computer without using computer glasses, you subconsciously try to improve your vision by bobbing your head nearer or farther from the screen. This, is sometimes, the only way you can focus on the screen without having blurry vision, eye strain or headaches. These actions however presents another problem – muscle pains in the upper body area. The human upper body is not built to withstand continuous actions through a such a restrictive posture as sitting down.

Usually, a pair of computer glasses can magnify the computer screen up to 60%. This however depends on how near or far you are to the computer.

Astigmatism correction is one of the basic features expected of any pair of prescription glasses. It is thus imperative that computer glasses be able to clear out the effects of astigmatism. This is done by ensuring that your pupils are directly behind the center of each lens when working at the distance you are most comfortable in.

These are the reasons why computer glasses have to be taylor fitted to the wearer. Reading glasses are not sufficient for when using a computer or using your phone. To retain a comfortable clarity whilst using it for a long enough time without any strain is very difficult.

Computer glasses ensure that you are going to be looking at the computer screen the most comfortable way possible. It helps limit bad posture habits.  It also enhances your field of vision which will otherwise be severely limited by reading glasses, bifocals, trifocals or progressive lenses.

It is worth it to note however that computer glasses must only be used for using computers or phones. When using a computer glass to magnify a distance it was not optimized for, you could suffer from the effects of astigmatism, and the same symptoms associated with CVS. It is greatly discouraged to use computer glasses whilst you are on the move, especially if you are driving a vehicle.

If you want to buy computer glasses, it is imperative that you talk to your optometrist first. Computer glasses are highly specialized and may not be suitable for you. It might even have a detrimental effect. And before consulting your doctor, you should first observe your computer use habits. You have to take note of important information like how far do you sit behind the desk, at what angle do you view the screen, at what angle is the screen tilted towards you and other important computer use habits. Using these measures, your doctor can accurately prescribe the right type of computer glasses for you.