Outfitting Your Home Office for Long Term Use

If working from home has become a permanent situation, it’s time to focus on your home office. Working off a TV tray on the sofa was fine for a few weeks, but you’re probably ready to find a more lasting solution.

Select a Space

The first step to settling into the new normal is to select the right space within your home. You may need to think creatively and rearrange a few pieces of furniture. Take into consideration how much privacy and how much space you will need for office supplies Round Rock TX. It’s possible a large walk-in closet might work or even the utility room provided no one needs the washer.

Get Comfortable

Just because you’ve given up your corner office with a sweeping view of the city doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. If your work-at-home situation doesn’t appear to be ending soon, think about investing in some real office furniture. A card table and folding chair is fine for a few weeks, but you could end up injuring your back or wrists without proper support. Make sure your desk, chair and keyboard are the right height.

Add Proper Lighting

Your dining room wasn’t designed to be an office, so if you’ve set up in there, chances are the lighting for your dinner parties doesn’t work well for Zoom calls or spread sheets. Natural lighting is best but not always possible. Layer your lights so that you have a strong task light when you need it and a shaded lamp for indirect light to prevent eye strain.

Create Privacy

Your office at home may not come with a door, so create privacy with a screen. This will signal to those in the house that you are “at work” and also block out baskets of dirty laundry or playful puppies in the background. Psychologically it will also help you differentiate between your living and working spaces.

Some people love the flexibility of working from home. For others, it’s a burden. Whichever category you fall into, make a space for yourself to work professionally and efficiently.