On Hold Marketing For Your Business Phones

On Hold Marketing For Your Business Phones

What is it all about? Marketing on hold, music on hold, message on hold, etc, are all basically saying the same thing – using the time your clients or customers are on hold to keep them entertained through music or give them the opportunity to learn more about your company through company-specific messages played on a loop. Though it may seem complicated and the necessary music on hold equipment for a system like this may seem excessive, the truth is that it is much easier than it seems, and using marketing on hold is a real benefit to your business.

Music on Hold Ports

Business phone systems always include a music on hold port that is already included in the system and makes it much easier to set up and use message on hold or telephone hold music for the benefit of their customers. Because it is built into the system, it is almost effortless to get started once you have bought the proper music on hold equipment. Some websites offer all the accessories you might need to get your music on hold system started, and even that usually only includes an on hold player.

The equipment needed to get your on hold player started is remarkably minimal. At the most your phone will need a small adapter to connect the on hold player to, or a USB or flash drive loading system for the player itself. This makes on hold players cheap, easy and effective for any business.

Boon to Business

Because it is so simple and already built into your business phone system, it is easy to see the benefits it will bring to your business itself. Instead of hearing static, bad commercials, or ads for your competitors, you can help your customers hear a specific point about your company or nice music while they are waiting for service from your customer service representatives or to be transferred.

On hold players and the few necessary add-ons will more than pay for themselves in a short amount of time. People both enjoy and appreciate a company that takes the time and consideration to ensure that their on hold time is spent either listening to entertaining music or hearing important information about the company itself.