Merchandise Every Band Needs

Whether you’re a hobby band playing local gigs here and there or you’re a major touring act, there are some things every band needs. Smaller acts often don’t even think to get merchandise, because they may not realize it’s feasible. The good thing about band merchandise is that it’s usually very affordable and easy to get together. It’s time to start saving money from gigs so your band can purchase essential merchandise.

1. T-Shirts

Your band practically doesn’t exist if you don’t have tees floating around with your logo on them. Just make sure you don’t get them embroidered — have you ever purchased an embroidered band shirt? You want this to look as legit as possible, so go with silkscreen printing Dunkirk MD and be sure to use a high-quality image.

If you’ve never experienced it, there’s nothing like seeing a total stranger wearing your band’s shirt.

2. Beer Koozies

Many bands gain notoriety playing bars and parties, and everybody loves a good koozie. These are inexpensive, which makes them a great promotional item.

As much as you want to make money, remember that merchandise isn’t always about profit. Give these away.

3. Stickers

Whether they’re found on skateboards or bumpers, band stickers are definitely a must-have. These are a great way to promote, and throwing your stickers on your gear is a standard move that lets people know you’re the real deal.

Stickers are particularly great not only because they’re easy to sell, but you don’t have to sell many to get your money back, so you can also give a bunch of them away.

Regardless of how big your musical endeavor is, merchandising can bring a great sense of pride and accomplishment, and it’s a great way to promote the band. Best of all, if you do it right, you can make a profit, and making money doing something you’d do for free anyway is about as good as it gets.