How To Turn On Find My Iphone
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How to Turn on Find My i phone Guidance for Lost Phone

The development of gadgets makes people addicted to smartphones. We can see that people are always on their smartphones everywhere we go. They will be anxious without phone or even when they lost their phone. If you are a newbie of iphone, you can follow how to turn on find my iphone tips here. It is very useful to help you in anticipating unwanted accidents. It will give you an easy and clear guidance of how to turn on find my iphone to follow.

Use Other Phone to Check

The first thing you need to prepare on how to turn on find my iphone is using the other iphone. You can borrow it from your family members or friends to check your lost phone. But make sure that you already turn on find my iphone feature on your lost phone before. Then you can open the home screen and choose Find Iphone application to start it.

Sign in with Your Apple ID

The next step on how to turn on find my iphone is sign in to Find Iphone application using your Apple ID. After sign in, there will be a display of your phone in maps. Then you have to click your iphone picture and choose actions. There will be three bottons under the maps which are play sound, lost mode, and erase phone.You can click play sound if you think that your phone is not far from you. It will make a sound that you can hear.

Enable Lost Mode

The last step of how to turn on find my iphone is enable lost mode. If you think that your phone is stolen, you can click the lost mode botton. Then enter the device lock code with using random numbers. Do not use numbers which relate to your Identity. After that, send a message and phone contacts on your phone screen, If you already enable this mode, it will be automatically lock your phone and you also can find the latest location of your phone.

After knowing all the guidance of how to turn on find my iphone, it will be a reminder for you to be more careful to bring your phone. You can suggest about how to turn on find my iphone to your friends who get the same problem.