A Review of the Sager NP 8690 Gaming Laptop Computer

A Review of the Sager NP 8690 Gaming Laptop Computer

The Sager NP8690 gaming computer is quite possibly the most powerful gaming laptop in the world. It features a 15.6″ display that provides graphic displays that are usually this good on a 17 inch display. It also features the super fast NVIDA GeForce GTX 280M and the Core i7 CPU made by Intel. This machine uses the Calpella Platform and the PM55 chipset made by Intel that can handle the newest 1,333 Mega Hertz DDR3 memory that is dual channel and CPU memory to provide excellent performance for advanced applications and super realistic gaming. In addition to the graphics technology and CPU that are cutting edge, the machine also has a beautiful full 1080P High Definition LED display that provides realistic visuals that will complete your gaming experience. This portable gaming laptop is the answer for serious gamers and demanding enthusiasts alike.

With its intelligent and faster multi core technology the Core i7 CPU mad by Intel provides the processing power where it’s most needed and delivers an amazing breakthrough in gaming performance. This CPU depends on the combination of the Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost technologies both made by Intel to provide full processing power precisely when and where you need it the most.

This machine uses a Graphics Processing Unit that provides beautiful visuals and is supported by NVIDA Physx technology. It is truly a machine for serious gamers. It allows a completely new class of the interaction of physical gaming for a more realistic and dynamic experience and the NVIDIA CUDA technology provides the power of the GPU’s processor in order to perform even the most demanding system applications.

Beautiful and visually stunning graphic are generated by the full 1080P High Definition LED Display that has an engine that is state of the art that will come alive when displayed in 1080P. This machine will deliver brilliant colors with the 15.6 inch full 1080P High Definition widescreen that has LED display technology provides brilliant colors regardless if you’re playing a game or watching a Blu Ray movie.

The system’s DDR 1,333 Mega hertz system memory performance will provide greater memory bandwidth that won’t lag behind.

You won’t have to ever worry again about using too much space with the media that you want to save since this PC has expanded storage space with the eSATA. This advanced technology permits sufficient storage space without sacrificing performance as compared to Firewire or USB because it is connected directly to the hard drive controller.

You can us the video camera that is built in for communications on the Internet for chatting with your friends or for video conferencing regardless how far apart the parties may be. The 2.0 megapixel camera with high resolution will ensure that your video will look real.